Big Brother UK: Summer of Secrets was the first season of the BBUK series. The primary twist of this season was The Vault, in which many different twists and advantages were secretly doled out to the discretion of the Power Housemate. Each week, housemates would vote on one housemate to become the week's Power Housemate. The Power Housemate was taken into the Vault, a secret room, in which they had the choice between two game twists to unleash into the house, and two advantages. Each was covered inside a "box" with only a symbol on the outside to hint at what was inside. After choosing the twist and the secret advantage, the chosen twist would be unleashed into the house each week, and the chosen advantage would either be secret to the Power Housemate, or in some special cases, warranted the house to know exactly what it was. The Power Housemate twist ended after Week 6. Another twist this season was Hell Week, in which housemates competed to win safety, and the week culminated in a house vote-off. This season featured numerous walk-outs and ejections, as well as some "Celebrity VIPs" who entered late into the game. This is the only season so far to feature housemates that have gone up for nomination due to receiving penalty nominations (the format being 1 penalty nomination for failing to submit noms 1 week, and ejection for failing to submit noms more than once.)

Prominent showmances included Ethan and Nicole, and Daphne and Jerry. Both showmances were targeted around the same time during the game. Nicole/Tom, Tom/Jerry, Chanelle/Amy, and Andrea/Nicole were also some strong bonds present during the game.

Some notable rivalries included: Chanelle/Nicole (continuing into Season 2), Daphne/Jerry vs Nicole/Ethan (over showmance drama), The Entire House vs Emily, and Jax/Jerry.

The house remained divided throughout most of the season, with power shifts occurring every week, until near the end, in which Tom/Nicole/Andrea/Jax were able to stick together with their numbers and take out the remaining competitors, starting with Amy's eviction and continuing from there.


Weekly Stats

Week Info
1 Power Housemate: Emily

Twist Unleashed: Royals twist

Emily chose a "crown" box.

Queen: Emily

King: Logan

Servants: Andrea and Nicole

-King and Queen must share a bed

-Servants must attend to all their needs/wants

-Everyone was chosen by Emily

Secret Advantage:

Emily chose a "large plus sign" box.

She received four nomination points, double the usual two nomination points. She used her points to give Tom two nominations, and Jerry two nominations.

-Daphne entered as the "Secret Housemate" (#17) who watched the housemates during launch night and chose the first Power Housemate, Emily.

-Misty was ejected on Day 2 for complete inactivity and failure to submit nominations


Vote to Save

35 votes cast

1st- Tom (34.3%)

2nd- Jerry (28.6%)

3rd- Chanelle (22.9%)

4th- Jax (8.6%)

Evicted- Olivia (5.7%)

2 Power Housemate: Jerry

Twist Unleashed: Rotten Egg twist

Jerry chose a "two cracked eggs" box.

Rotten Egg votes found in nominations table.

Rotten Eggs: Chanelle (3 votes)/Emily (7 votes)

Rotten Eggs must sleep in a chicken coop for two nights on hay/dirt/with live chickens and have their nominations cancelled.

Secret advantage:

Jerry chose a "subtraction sign" box.

He won the Null and Void advantage, allowing him to cancel someone's nominations after the Rotten Egg reveal. He opted to cancel Jax's nominations for the week.

-Two "Celebrity VIPs" entered the house (Troy and Ruby), in a twist where housemates were expected to cater to their every need. At the end of the week, they were to decide if housemates passed or failed the task (they both failed the housemates). Celebrity VIPs also secretly voted in nominations.


Vote to Save

49 votes cast

1st- Chanelle (40.8%)

2nd- Jax (24.5%)

3rd- Emily (18.4%)

Evicted- Andy (16.3%)

3 Power Housemate: Troy

Twist Unleashed: Homeless twist

Troy chose a "bag of garbage" box.

Power Housemate needed to choose 3 housemates to sleep in squalor in the backyard amongst cardboard boxes and garbage. In addition, they were forbidden to shower and forced to beg for food in order to feed themselves.

Homeless: Jax, Nicole, & Amy


Troy chose a "life preserver" box.

He won the ability to grant someone else safety from nominations for the week. He chose Chanelle.

-In the beginning of the week, Troy and Ruby were actually revealed to be legitimate housemates, not mere guest celeb VIPs.

-Ruby was ejected on Day 7 for repeated inactivity and failure to submit nominations


Vote to Save

18 votes cast

1st- Jerry, Daphne, & Emily (27.8%)

Evicted- Jalen (16.7%)

4 Power Housemate: Nicole

Twist Unleashed: "Weakest Link" twist

Nicole chose a "chain link" box.

Housemates were required to make chains listing the housemates in order of who they liked the most to the least. These were in place of nominations. The bottom two on the chain would be the nominees for the week.

Chain Link order (Nicole, as Power Housemate, wasn't ranked):

1st- Amy

2nd- Logan

3rd- Tom

4th- Ethan

5th- Chanelle

6th- Troy

7th- Jax

8th- Megan

9th- Andrea

10th- Melinda

11th- Jerry

12th- Daphne

13th- Emily


Nicole chose an "ear" box.

She was able to listen in on two nominations of her choice (i.e., view their lists), and she chose Jerry and Daphne.

-Megan walked on Day 10 for personal reasons


Vote to Save

37 votes cast

1st- Daphne (45.9%)

2nd- Tom (32.4%)

Evicted- Emily (21.6%)

5 Power Housemate: Chanelle

Twist Unleashed: Love is in the Air twist

Chanelle chose a "heart" box.

Housemates were randomly paired and competed to win a secret reward with their "showmance" at Honeymoon's Landing. The reward was 2 extra nomination points for each winner. Chanelle and Nicole won.


Chanelle chose a "skull and crossbones" box.

She was granted the power to Killer Nominate a housemate. She chose Daphne (later, Daphne walked, but BB decided that it was fair enough that Chanelle got her housemate out for the week and she didn't get another killer nomination).

-After receiving her Killer Nomination, Daphne walked on Day 11 due to the pressure of the game and complete hatred toward her fellow housemates


Vote to Save

35 votes cast

1st- Nicole (45.7%)

2nd- Troy (34.3%)

Evicted- Ethan (20%)

6 Power Housemate: Nicole

Twist Unleashed: BB USA Week

Nicole chose an "American flag" box.

A power of veto competition was to be held after nominations. The veto holder would get to take as many housemates off the block as possible so that only 2 would remain. Nicole won the POV and saved Andrea, Jax, Troy, and Logan from eviction, who previously received enough points to be nominated.


Nicole chose a "crazy 8's" box.

She won the power to give a housemate a pass to the final 8. She chose Tom.


Vote to Evict

62 votes cast

Initial nominees: Andrea, Amy, Chanelle, Jax, Logan, and Troy

POV: Nicole (saved Andrea, Jax, Logan, and Troy)

1st- Chanelle (41%)

Evicted- Amy (59%)

7 Hell week

Housemates were taken to Hell, where they competed to win safety. First, boxes with random rewards/punishments dictated their fate. After the remaining four housemates failed to win safety and remained in "jeopardy", the public voted to save one housemate (technically 2, as Logan/Chanelle counted as one because of a twist). 

Melinda and Troy then faced the house eviction. The house unanimously voted to evict Melinda.


House Eviction

In jeopardy: Chanelle-Logan, Melinda, and Troy

Nominees: Melinda and Troy

Evicted- Melinda [5-0]

8 Back to the Basics week

Housemates nominated each other the traditional way, and there were no twists this week.


Vote to Evict

40 votes cast

1st- Andrea (5%)

2nd- Jerry (17.5%)

3rd- Nicole (30%)

Evicted- Chanelle (47.5%)

9 Face-to-Face nominations

For the second time this season, face-to-face nominations took place. These were also the final nominations of the season.


Vote to Evict

42 votes cast

1st- Logan (31%)

Evicted- Jerry (69%)

10 Finale


Vote for Winner

124 votes cast

6th- Jax (3.2%)

5th- Troy (6.5%)

4th- Andrea (8.9%)

3rd- Logan (9.7%)

2nd- Nicole (25%)

1st- Tom (46.8%)

Power Housemate Votes

*Note: Only housemates present after the eviction were able to vote on Power Housemate

**Housemates couldn't win Power Housemate during back-to-back weeks

Week 1:Chosen by Secret Housemate Daphne- Emily

Week 2:

Jerry- Tom

Nicole- Ethan 

Ethan- Nicole

Jax- Chanelle

Daphne- Jerry

Megan- Nicole

Chanelle- Jax

Troy- Jerry

Amy- Jerry

Week 3:

Tom- Daphne

Melinda- Troy

Nicole- Ethan

Logan- Amy

Chanelle- Troy

Jax- Logan

Troy- Chanelle

Andrea- Ruby

Week 4:

Ethan- Nicole

Tom- Nicole

Nicole- Tom

Jax- Nicole

Chanelle- Nicole

Melinda- Chanelle

Week 5:

Logan- Chanelle

Ethan- Chanelle

Andrea- Ethan

Amy- Chanelle

Nicole- Ethan

Chanelle- Amy

Week 6:

Tom- Nicole

Nicole- Tom

Chanelle- Nicole

Logan- Amy

Andrea- Amy

Tiebreaker poll vote: Nicole


Contestant Entered Exited Placement
Amy Day 1 Day 16 10th
Andrea Day 1 Day 28 4th
Andy Day 1 Day 6 17th
Chanelle Day 1 Day 20 8th
Daphne Day 1 Day 11 12th
Emily Day 1 Day 11 13th
Ethan Day 1 Day 13 11th
Jalen Day 1 Day 9 15th
Jax Day 1 Day 28 6th
Jerry Day 1 Day 22 7th
Logan Day 1 Day 28 3rd
Megan Day 1 Day 10 14th
Melinda Day 1 Day 18 9th
Misty Day 1 Day 2 19th
Nicole Day 1 Day 28 2nd
Olivia Day 1 Day 3 18th
Ruby Day 3 Day 7 16th
Tom Day 1 Day 28 1st
Troy Day 3 Day 28 5th

Voting History

Click the link on the PDF to the right to view the voting chart for Season 1.File:BBUK - Sheet1 (3) (1).pdf


  • Five housemates from Summer of Secrets returned for Kingdom of Ice
    • Tom, Nicole, Chanelle, Daphne, and Logan
  • Six housemates from Summer of Secrets returned for Code Red
    • Tom, Nicole, Chanelle, Daphne, Logan, & Megan
  • Three housemates from Summer of Secrets returned for Bad Blood
    • Chanelle, Daphne, & Megan
  • Three housemates from Summer of Secrets returned for Battle of Class
    • Chanelle, Logan, & Nicole
  • Nicole was the only housemate to win Power Housemate twice
  • Nicole and Troy were the only Power Housemates to make the finals
  • Troy is one of two housemates to enter late into the game and make the finals. The other housemate to do so was Aimee in Code Red.
  • No housemates this season went unnominated
  • Chanelle received the most nominations this season (4)
    • She also survived the most (3)
  • Andrea and Logan tied for least amount of nominations received for a finalist (1 nomination)
  • Melinda was the first housemate to be evicted by a house vote off. This would be followed by Dylan in Season 2, and Chanelle & Kyle R in Season 3.
  • Two housemates were ejected this season
    • Misty on Day 2
    • Ruby on Day 7
  • Two housemates walked this season
    • Megan on Day 10
    • Daphne on Day 11
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